Friday, February 27, 2009

Who am I?

This is my first shot at blogging so we'll see how it goes. I love to write and I love to journal and this seems like a fun way to publicly journal in case anyone is actually interested in my daily rants or observations.

In trying to figure out how to anonymously sign my blogs, I brainstormed about how do I think of myself. I'm not a mother (yet) so that's not really me yet. I don't identify myself as my work title, so what other titles or labels do I think of as "me"? How do I typically describe myself to folks I've just met? Since my husband is the social butterfly and I'm the hermit, I'm typically meeting new people who already know him. So in a crowded room full of people, I likely will point and say that I'm "his wife". So how do I think of myself most often? I'm his wife. And I'm proud to be his wife! We will soon celebrate our seventh year of marriage and we both still like it! Quite the accomplishment these days.

We're expecting our first child this fall and are, by turns, excited and terrified. We refer to the baby as the sprout and I give people sprout updates. The name sprout came about when it was the size of an apple seed. This week, our sprout is about one inch long and has the ability to suck its thumb! I will do my best not to gross people out in this blog by giving details that are too personal and make you think "ew I didn't want to visualize that!"

So if anyone reads this, welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy!
His Wife