Quint's Wish List

Quint is three years old this holiday season! 
A wish list for George (Quint on the blog): 
For Christmas, he would like 
an indoor pop up tent, 
big cardboard blocks, 
strong, children's shovels 
an easel, 
more train tracks 
a toddler basketball goal
trucks of any kind
 DVDs of Thomas and Friends or Caillou or Veggie Tales
We could also use a swing set for the back yard and I have $65 to put toward that.

Cedarmont Kids  music videos are great and we only have one - Sunday School Songs. Any of the rest of these would be great. You might find them at Lifeway, and definitely online.

Thomas the Train - nearly anything. We already have the following videos:Thomas and Friends Track Stars, Sodor Celebration, Calling All Engines, Engines and Escapades, Wobbly Wheels and Whistles, Thomas and The Toy Workshop, Thomas and the really Brave Engines.Updated as of 11-13-12

Caillou videos - we already have Holiday Caillou  and Summer Vacation.

Veggie Tales movies and episodes. We ALREADY HAVE Moe and the Big Exit, Sing Along - Dance of the Cucumber, Dave and the Giant Pickle, Jonah, The Wizard of Ha's, Minnesota Cuke, and Where is God When I'm Scared, Lord of the Beans, Lyle, Rack, Shack and Benny, Jonah, Sumo of the Opera, Heros of the Bible, Moe and the Big Exit Updated as of 11-13-12

In Sesame Street videos, we already have the following: Elmo Potty Time, Get Up and Dance, Let's Eat, 40 years of Sunny Days, Sesame Street Sing Along Triple Feature, Kids Favorite Songs, Kids Favorite Songs 2, Sing Yourself Silly, 123 Count with Me, 20 years and still counting, Alphabet Jungle Game, Best of Elmo 2Updated as of 11-24-12

Other videos he already has are Mary Poppins, Aristocats, Robin Hood, School House Rock, Sound of Music.

Or here's Quint's wish list on Amazon.com.  It has some extra and different stuff.