Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The rest of the story

Thankfully, the AAA guy easily getting the keys out of my car was the watershed event of the day and everything else went better from then on. Quint had a fairly nice and apparently healthy afternoon with hubby. Quint ate well, didn't spit up more than usual, slept some, and was happy. The exact opposite of how he had been for daycare. I had had some extremely yummy chili/soup at a friend's house that was a tiny bit spicy and I bet that had upset Quint's tummy. C, you are not allowed to feel the least bit guilty for this! I remember Quint reacting to some spicy chips before he was born. Read here for that.

So when I got home, I fixed hubby some supper (he had realized just how hard it is to fix yourself a meal when you've got a 4 month old on your shoulder). Then I went upstairs and finally got my nap. When I woke up, hubby and baby were napping. Sweet! So I got to wash my hair without having to rush and without listening to a lonely baby cry because he wants to see my lovely face. ;-) I also got to talk to a friend on the phone that I hadn't talked to in... um.... when was the last time we talked?!

We had a rather lovely evening with our seemingly healthy baby. Our little boy is so beautiful! I'll have to get some pictures up here soon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh what a beautiful moooooorning!

I'm just having a FABULOUS day! Yesterday I noticed some congestion and drainage and this morning I woke up with a sore throat, congestion and feeling icky all over. And our baby Quint wanted to eat three times during the night last night. But it's crunch time at work. Literally, the only 10 days of the year that I'm incredibly busy and I should not miss work. But I feel like crap. And I go to work anyway. Midmorning, I go to Walgreens to get some of the good OTC cold drugs and some OJ. By noon, I'm so sleepy that I can hardly keep my eyes open. And we're waiting for one more piece of info before I can start my 300 year end reports. Waiting, and waiting, and wanting to nap. Finally, I ask my boss if I can take a long lunch, go home and nap. So I race home, wondering about the safety of me on the road being this sleepy. I take off my nice clothes, set a timer, and crawl in to bed. Ahhhhhh.....

10 minutes later the phone rings. Our baby boy is sick and needs to be picked up from daycare. Great! I make three phone calls, get dressed in spit-up worthy clothes, pick up some fast food (have I eaten anything today?), and go get Quint. Since the mayday phone call, he seems to have been the very model of a healthy baby, aside from the extra rosy cheeks. I take him back home, nurse him while I eat lunch, and await hubby arriving home to take over. Quint eats well, doesn't fuss, and is happy to lay on the floor smiling and cooing. He is a little less energetic than usual, though. So hubby gets home, changes into spit-up worthy clothes and is ready to take over. About the time I stand up to change back into my work clothes, my timer goes off - time to wake up from my nap and go back to work! Mumph....

I get back to work and promptly lock my keys in the car. With my cell phone, wallet, and breast pump. Great! The one piece of information we're waiting on to start all our reports is due at 3pm. A friend reminds me that I have AAA and they can unlock cars! Great! When can the AAA guy get here? Oh about 3pm....

I really expected Murphy's Law to screw that one up and have the dude call with our info while I was messing with the AAA guy, but that didn't happen! The AAA guy got my car open pretty easy, did not chip the paint, I could then produce my AAA card which was (thankfully) still valid. 10 minutes later, dude calls with our final piece of information and we can finally move a half step toward our reports.

I'm optimistic enough to think that the success and ease of the AAA guy getting in to my car will be the watershed moment of the day and everything else will start to get better.


...(big cheesy grin)....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Quint is 4 months old!

My how time flies! He can do so much more now than he could two months ago. And he is such a joy. It's been a while (knock on wood) since he had a crying spell that we couldn't fix in short order - which means 30 minutes or less. He now smiles and wiggles with glee, plays in his play gym, kind of rolls over (more on that later), and has JUST started making giggly noises when he laughs! For quite some time now, you could tell he was really happy and perhaps laughing, but no sound came out. We've all learned when his sing song "crying" is really just entertaining himself or a non-urgent request for company. It also might be direct communication seeing how Hubby noticed that one time Quint stopped his singing when I left the room.

Our little guy might turn out to be left handed. He seems to use his left arm and hand more than his right and his left hand has an absolute death grip! He can pinch with his whole hand hard enough to have me holler and jerk him off my breast while nursing. Once he got that grip on my trachea and it crossed my mind that he could crush my windpipe! So he spends a lot of time nursing with a sock over his pinchy left hand. His right hand doesn't have that kind of power yet.

We've got what I call an entertainer that he sits in. It's like an exersaucer, but doesn't wobble. He can slide back and forth on some rails, and spin in a circle. There are 4 huge piano keys under his feet on this thing and we really think he understands that he's making it make that noise!

He kind of rolls over. He's delayed in this mostly because he loves being on his back and we nearly never put him on his belly. How's he supposed to learn to roll over if he's never on his belly? He hates being on his belly so there's no reason for him to roll from back to belly. Anyway, recently I was playing with him on the bed and rolled him over on his face where he could use his strong left arm to roll over. Gravity was helping him out, and the softness of the bed, but he managed to roll over! We clapped and cheered and scared him and he burst into tears. Sorry little guy! So we took our joy down a notch and had him do it again. I call this an assisted roll over.

I don't know what he weighs now, but he is definitely in size 2 diapers and size 1 diapers do not fit any more. Based on that highly detailed information, I think he's definitely over 14 pounds. He typically drinks 20 ounces of milk at daycare each day. Hungry boy. This weekend, we'll start feeding him rice cereal with a bowl and spoon. He's had rice cereal in his bottle, but we'll start actual feedings with it now.

Happy Birthday little man!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby's first kilt

A friend of ours gave our son his first Kilt!

Another friend is currently tanning a squirrel and has made sporans in the past out of other leathers. Lots of bad jokes about making a sporan out of squirrel, with the little squirrely head being the front flap. Even more inappropriate jokes about having a squirrel guard the....well, you get the picture.

Isn't he darling! His shirt says "Don't talk about me like I'm not even here"

Another cutie pie.

Sometimes swaddling has odd results.

But he's smiling!

Or he was... check out that rock!

Quint has gotten wise to the camera and as soon as he sees it, his face goes blank and he's trying to figure out why that black thing flashes at him when he smiles. He knows how to fix IT! Don't smile when you can see the camera! Hopefully this phase will pass...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Small Fry update

My sweet little boy did something really cute this morning. Aside from giving me a huge grin when I picked him up at 5:30am to feed him, of course. I had him strapped into the car and was about to get him out. I shifted the handle of the carseat to up which moved his dangly toy ladybug to right in front of his face, within grasp of his tiny strong hands. So the ladybug was nowhere in sight, then suddenly "click" here's a ladybug! He gurlged/shrieked hello to it and reached out to touch it with his left hand. I swear he was saying hello to it! My little boy doen't make a lot of gurgly sounds yet on his own, though he will imitate sounds we make to him. When he's really happy and "laughing", its usually a silent laugh which is just a bunch of wiggles and huge smiles.

He's gotten wise to the camera lately and whenever I've got it pointed at him, he stares at it looking all slack jawed and spacey. You can almost hear him thinking, OK that thing is going to flash at me if I smile, so DONT SMILE! I hope he gets past this because I love smiley pictures of my little boy.

Since the temperature has been consistently in teens most mornings for the past week, I usually throw a fleece blanket completely over him to haul him to the car and in to daycare. He has enough control of his hands now that it won't be long before he can pull the blanket off his face. He's three and a half months old now!

He's still not rolling over, but this is largely due to the fact that we nearly never put him on his tummy to sleep or play. When we do, he hates it, but isnt' strong enough with those muscles to roll from his tummy to his back. And why on earth would he want to roll from his back to his tummy if he hates being on his tummy. So far he's a very logical child, and just doesn't need to do that yet. His legs are strong enough to hold him up for nearly a minute now. He can't stand, really, but he can kinda stand while I keep him balanced.