Friday, January 15, 2010

Quint is 4 months old!

My how time flies! He can do so much more now than he could two months ago. And he is such a joy. It's been a while (knock on wood) since he had a crying spell that we couldn't fix in short order - which means 30 minutes or less. He now smiles and wiggles with glee, plays in his play gym, kind of rolls over (more on that later), and has JUST started making giggly noises when he laughs! For quite some time now, you could tell he was really happy and perhaps laughing, but no sound came out. We've all learned when his sing song "crying" is really just entertaining himself or a non-urgent request for company. It also might be direct communication seeing how Hubby noticed that one time Quint stopped his singing when I left the room.

Our little guy might turn out to be left handed. He seems to use his left arm and hand more than his right and his left hand has an absolute death grip! He can pinch with his whole hand hard enough to have me holler and jerk him off my breast while nursing. Once he got that grip on my trachea and it crossed my mind that he could crush my windpipe! So he spends a lot of time nursing with a sock over his pinchy left hand. His right hand doesn't have that kind of power yet.

We've got what I call an entertainer that he sits in. It's like an exersaucer, but doesn't wobble. He can slide back and forth on some rails, and spin in a circle. There are 4 huge piano keys under his feet on this thing and we really think he understands that he's making it make that noise!

He kind of rolls over. He's delayed in this mostly because he loves being on his back and we nearly never put him on his belly. How's he supposed to learn to roll over if he's never on his belly? He hates being on his belly so there's no reason for him to roll from back to belly. Anyway, recently I was playing with him on the bed and rolled him over on his face where he could use his strong left arm to roll over. Gravity was helping him out, and the softness of the bed, but he managed to roll over! We clapped and cheered and scared him and he burst into tears. Sorry little guy! So we took our joy down a notch and had him do it again. I call this an assisted roll over.

I don't know what he weighs now, but he is definitely in size 2 diapers and size 1 diapers do not fit any more. Based on that highly detailed information, I think he's definitely over 14 pounds. He typically drinks 20 ounces of milk at daycare each day. Hungry boy. This weekend, we'll start feeding him rice cereal with a bowl and spoon. He's had rice cereal in his bottle, but we'll start actual feedings with it now.

Happy Birthday little man!

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