Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Small Fry update

My sweet little boy did something really cute this morning. Aside from giving me a huge grin when I picked him up at 5:30am to feed him, of course. I had him strapped into the car and was about to get him out. I shifted the handle of the carseat to up which moved his dangly toy ladybug to right in front of his face, within grasp of his tiny strong hands. So the ladybug was nowhere in sight, then suddenly "click" here's a ladybug! He gurlged/shrieked hello to it and reached out to touch it with his left hand. I swear he was saying hello to it! My little boy doen't make a lot of gurgly sounds yet on his own, though he will imitate sounds we make to him. When he's really happy and "laughing", its usually a silent laugh which is just a bunch of wiggles and huge smiles.

He's gotten wise to the camera lately and whenever I've got it pointed at him, he stares at it looking all slack jawed and spacey. You can almost hear him thinking, OK that thing is going to flash at me if I smile, so DONT SMILE! I hope he gets past this because I love smiley pictures of my little boy.

Since the temperature has been consistently in teens most mornings for the past week, I usually throw a fleece blanket completely over him to haul him to the car and in to daycare. He has enough control of his hands now that it won't be long before he can pull the blanket off his face. He's three and a half months old now!

He's still not rolling over, but this is largely due to the fact that we nearly never put him on his tummy to sleep or play. When we do, he hates it, but isnt' strong enough with those muscles to roll from his tummy to his back. And why on earth would he want to roll from his back to his tummy if he hates being on his tummy. So far he's a very logical child, and just doesn't need to do that yet. His legs are strong enough to hold him up for nearly a minute now. He can't stand, really, but he can kinda stand while I keep him balanced.

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