Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The rest of the story

Thankfully, the AAA guy easily getting the keys out of my car was the watershed event of the day and everything else went better from then on. Quint had a fairly nice and apparently healthy afternoon with hubby. Quint ate well, didn't spit up more than usual, slept some, and was happy. The exact opposite of how he had been for daycare. I had had some extremely yummy chili/soup at a friend's house that was a tiny bit spicy and I bet that had upset Quint's tummy. C, you are not allowed to feel the least bit guilty for this! I remember Quint reacting to some spicy chips before he was born. Read here for that.

So when I got home, I fixed hubby some supper (he had realized just how hard it is to fix yourself a meal when you've got a 4 month old on your shoulder). Then I went upstairs and finally got my nap. When I woke up, hubby and baby were napping. Sweet! So I got to wash my hair without having to rush and without listening to a lonely baby cry because he wants to see my lovely face. ;-) I also got to talk to a friend on the phone that I hadn't talked to in... um.... when was the last time we talked?!

We had a rather lovely evening with our seemingly healthy baby. Our little boy is so beautiful! I'll have to get some pictures up here soon.

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