Tuesday, February 2, 2010

snow days

Yesterday morning, my work office didn't open until 11am. The roads were still pretty icy in patches (mostly neighborhoods) and Hubby had trouble getting out of the driveway. Hubby took QUint to daycare by 9am (of course!) so I was AT THE HOUSE BY MYSELF FOR THE FIRST TIME IN QUINT'S LIFE!!!! And you know what I did? I put all 4 TVs on the same station - MY CHANNEL! - which happened to be Clean Sweep. Only my favorite TV show. And it always inspires me to clean.

For 2.5 hours, I cleaned every room of the house and had a perfectly clean house when I left for work! The kitchen table had just two short stacks of papers on it. The kitchen counter was completely cleaned off and wiped off. The dishwasher was running. The dining tale only had my pyrex bowls and Hubby's computer on it - with a clean table cloth! The coffee table near the couch had only coasters, remotes and the clock sitting on it. I even dusted it! The pillows were arranged prettily. All the toys and blankets were picked up and put in their baskets. There was now no junk on the wingback chairs or under the wingback chairs, humidor, or baby swing. The entryway was cleared of 3 rather large boxes which had started to live there. One was trash, the other two were big toy sets that have been given to us. The toy sets are now stored in the loft ON A SHELF waiting for Quint to be the right age. All things waiting on the stairs to go upstairs have now gone upstairs. I put the rest of the Christmas stuff in the attic. I re-arranged some things in the loft to make more floor space. I gathered all the dirty burp rags and blankets. In my office, I picked up everything off the floor, cleaned off the futon so it only had remotes on it, and stacked the big toys (boppy, bouncy seat, and floor gym - yes they can stack!) I filed all the filing. I made a pile of tax stuff. I gathered all the dirty dishes from feeding Quint in that room. I cleaned off and dusted my filing cabinets - this seems miraculous. In Quint's room, I made the bed, neatened the stacks of blankets, and arranged the pillows. In my room, I made the bed, gathered all the shoes into one huge shoe soup pile. Cleaned all the floor space near the edges of the room so I can now baseboard gaze. I even folded a load of baby laundry and put it away. Uncle Vester at daycare said of all this that I was a white whirlwind and he was right! It was sooooo much fun! And so much fun to think about it being that way while I was at work.

I got home and it was beautiful! I told Hubby about the wonderful house cleaning and when he got home, I raced downstairs to see his reaction. He was just as excited as I was. He said it made coming home so much nicer, and he was right.

Maybe it will stay that way for a day or two! I even took pictures that I'll have to post later.

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