Thursday, February 4, 2010


In my past life (pre-baby) I kept a 10+ year journal. It's a journal designed to have 4 lines of writing for every day of the year for actually 11 years. Four lines is really quite easy to fill and it's not too much to ask from most folks. I, however, have not actually written anything in it since maybe October or November. Usually, this is when I'd use the calendar, receipts, emails, this blog, etc, to catch it up. I also might use the to add in the significant weather. Like the 2 weeks straight in January when it didn't get above freezing.

What I really need to do is let myself off the hook for catching it up and just start writing in it every day when I can. Basically, I need to lower my standards for what I consider "doing the job well".

Anyway, here are the things that I've been meaning to put in the 10 year journal.
Jan 22nd it snowed
Jan 28th it snowed enough to basically shut down the city for 4 days. FUN!
Jan 29th - dude down the street ferried kids up the hill in the snow for 2 hours so they could zoom down the hill in the street. Very fun to watch from indoors.
Jan 31st we put Quint in his fuzzy snow suit (turning him into an EWOK) and took him out in it.
Feb 1st - amazing cleaning spree and "bonus reward" for such later
Jan 31st - Quint tried green beans for the first time with little success. Green bean mush from Gerber tastes good and really fresh! Go figure.
Jan 23 or 24th - Quint has started eating rice cereal every day and gives me a whole body "gimmie gimmie" wiggle while I'm feeding him. He even brings my hand to his mouth with his hand. He really likes his cereal mashed potato consistency.
Feb 3rd - 2nd try with green beans thickened with rice cereal has great success.
Feb 4th - Quint has a toy bug on his carseat that you can pull and it will zip back up in an amusing fashion. Today, he learned to pull it for himself! First time!
Jan 22nd - I started taking Zoloft for postpartum depression
Feb 1st - I feel really good and not depressed most all the time
Feb 3rd - Hubby decides not to pursue law school or public office (the bigger one) this year. I am relieved on both counts. His running for public office would have meant no income for the few months while he ran. We can't do that right now. Hopefully law school is permanently off the table.
Jan 18th - Quint weighed 15 pounds at his 4 month appointment.
Feb 2nd - the new Corinthian Lodge opened with a very fun first meeting dinner. It's beautiful.
The bridge between my house and Priscilla's is going to be widened soon - it will be a one lane bridge while this happens.
Feb 3rd - Quint spent 10 minutes on his belly without screaming! He was raised up on his elbows with his head at a 90 degree angle. This is a first. Apparently yesterday was a big day!
Jan 24th - I bought baby food for the first time ever - Jackie says I should make my own and keep it simple.
Jan 30th - rearranged the pantry
Jan 21st - Hubby started collecting names on the petition for the smaller public office.
Jan 28th - I actually got to talk to Erin for the first time in maybe years!

OK that's all I can think of for now. But now I've got it down somewhere and can refer back to it if/when I ever update my 10 year journal. I am kinda sad that a lot of Quint's milestones - like consistently sleeping through the night, and starting to want 20 ounces of milk during daycare - didn't get recorded. I keep telling myself that even less of these things will be recorded for our second child.

Like I said, I need to let myself off the hook for some of this stuff. I need to be glad that I've recorded .... anything!

Here's some more, obviously added later:
March 3rd Quint sat up on his own at daycare from a propped position.
March 17th Quint hugged my neck with both arms and kissed (lovingly mouthed) my jaw at the same time.
March 11th Hubby had his lap-band surgery
March 6th, Quint attended his first Tea-Party Republican breakfast
Feb 26-28, Mom and Dad were in town
March 8th Quint started eating peas and likes them better than green beans
Feb 20th, evening at home alone since Quint was born. Ate at new Irish pub and had a nice walk. Leanne kept Quint.
March 7th - Lunch with Leanne's family, supper with political friends
Feb 23rd - lap-band class to learn about his diet
Feb 15th - snow day, cleaning spree after an episode of hoaders
Feb 19th - my birthday lunch which was rescheduled
Feb 12th - very bad birthday supper
Feb 17th - Ash Wednesday service at church
Feb 6th - new catalytic converter for Grand Marquee
March 4th - tune up on my car
March 15th - Quint is 6 months old! Great pictures
March 16th - sent thumb drives on their tour so everyone can get current video of Quint.

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