Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Road Trip

A very brief update on the road trip: It went great!

There were so many things that could have gone wrong, but it all just fell into place. My prayer life, I'm sorry to say, is not what it should be, but I prayed a good bit yesterday. I prayed that if I was supposed to be trying to do this road trip, that things would go smoothly. And if not, please make it super-duper clear, Lord, by putting some obstacle in my path. If I hadn't been able to find my cell phone immediately upon arriving home, if I hadn't figured out that something was poking Quint in his carseat and just to switch carseats, if Quint had needed to eat before I arrived at the visitation, if Quint had not handled a long car ride well, if I had needed to get gas before I arrived at the visitation, if Quint had had some huge diaper mess... if any of these had happened, I could have been delayed by 20 minutes and completely missed the visitation.

A friend of mine from my home town in Texas has recently died of melanoma. My friend was only 53, leaving behind a young widow, and a grown son. The burial, oddly enough, is quite close to me in Kentucky. Visitation before the burial was the one service I could get to, so I took my first road trip with the baby to go last night.

I arrived at 7:35 and the visitation didn't end until 8pm. Quint woke up once I was inside and was mostly friendly and happy despite him being an hour overdue to eat. It was really good to see my friends and I hope it helped them to have a friendly face present, and not just seldom seen relatives. I went back to the house with them where I fed Quint and then he was really happy. I think they were ready for a happy distraction from 4 days of funeral activities. At one point, Quint was playing on the floor and I noticed that 5 people were watching him with a small smile on their face. It was great to catch up with my friend's son, the only kid I ever baby-sat. It was fun to get to know him as an adult.

The drive home was blessedly uneventful, and Quint slept pretty good for the rest of the night, despite having slept for 4 hours in the car.

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  1. What a blessing you were to come in our time of grief! I am very grateful to you for making the journey with Quint. Quint was a huge spirit boost to all of us. God's blessings to you.