Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to diaper a baby

Here's what actually happened this morning.

Convince Quint (toddler) that I can change his exceptionally stinky diaper for him before we play play-doh. Haul him to the upstairs changing table which is still missing it's changing pad cover because it's clean but not upstairs yet. Clean up his diaper while fighting with the wipes container which is nearly out and therefore doesn't weigh enough to be able to get the wipes to separate after you pull them out.

Try not to cuss.

Finally get him cleaned up only to realize that there are no toddler diapers on this changing table. You've brought them upstairs, but haven't gotten them this far yet.

Tell Quint not to move one muscle, DO NOT try to climb down from this changing table. Dash to the bedroom to fetch the new package of toddler diapers.

Finish diapering the toddler.

Go play play-doh while the infant (Hank) starts to make mildly distressed noises. I still haven't changed him this morning, though everyone HAS been fed.

Hang up dress shirts out of dryer.

Fetch hangers from our closet.

Finish hanging dress shirts out of dryer.

Clean up play-doh since Quint has left the room to play with something else.

Pick up Hank, who gives me the sweetest smile, and take him to the changing table.

Realize that Hank has had a dirty diaper which has leaked out the top of his diaper onto his shirt and blanket.

Realize that you used the last wipe on Quint.

Try not to cuss.

Think, think, think! Do you have any wipes upstairs? Yes, near the play-doh to help with cleanup. Dash at lightening speed to fetch those.

Start to clean up baby. Get mess all over the plastic changing pad, all over Hank's back, clean it up with wipes and the blanket that's already dirty. Carefully wrap blanket and shirt so that clean sides are outside and bend to put it in the dirty clothes basket under the changing table.

Try not to cuss because the basket is missing. Put the bundle where the basket should be which keeps the mess confined. (A baby gate prevents Quint from disrupting this plan.)

Decide to bathe Hank. Wrap Hank in a clean blanket for transport to the bathtub.

Realize I'll need a diaper nearly as soon as we get out of the tub. Realize the package of infant diapers is empty. Lay Hank on the floor wrapped in his blanket while I open a new package of diapers and while I'm at it, do it right. I empty the new package and put the diapers in my diaper holder box. I do the same for Quint's diapers in the box right beside Hanks.

Turn back to Hank to realize that he has peed while all this happened, but miraculously, it was all caught by the blanket.

Haul Hank to the tub. One glance in the tub confirms that the tub is too dirty for an infant bath. Grab the baby bath soap and move to my bathtub.

Convince Quint that he doesn't need a bath, too. Start to fill the tub which scares Hank because of the noise. Comfort Hank in his pee blanket while testing the water temp with my other hand.

Bathe Hank. Tell Quint not to put his face right beside my elbow while I'm doing, well, anything. Please go somewhere else.

Forbid Quint to add a cracker to the bath water.

Forbid Quint to add a box of crackers to the bath water.

Tell Quint not to sit on the flat of my calves while I kneel to bathe his brother.

Finish bathing Hank, take him out, and start to dry him off. Put on diaper.

Take him back to his room for a fresh T-shirt and sleeper (to keep him warm after his bath.

Wander around for a minute looking for a fleece blanket to keep him extra warm while he's fresh from the bath.

Hear Hank spit up and feel something trickle off my elbow. REALLY?!

Find a burp rag and mop up my arm, shoulder, and Hank's fresh sleeper.

Grab the bouncy, go downstairs with all children to find a fleece blanket. Apply fleece blanket and a bib to Hank.

Turn on VeggieTales Moe and the Big Exit for the third time in three days.



Wish for a real drink. Dr. Pepper will have to do.

Moral of the story is - don't put off doing your chores which includes restocking the changing table, finishing laundry, and cleaning the tub.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Little diaper bag

OK, I'm starting something new. I'm filming little how-to videos for new moms or moms trying to shift from one kid to two. If nothing else, they can see how I do it and take one tiny aspect for themselves. I hope to do organizational things for the house, car, outings, and possibly some money saving things. Here's my first try:

Here's what I carry in my little diaper bag for short trips around our suburb.

Other ideas I've got are for how to simplify your kitchen, how to roast a chicken in 7 minutes flat with things already in your kitchen, and other recipes for people who only have time to cook in 2 minute snatches. Let me know what you think. Or what I accidentally videoed in the background that's horrible...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

That's not a it?

There are a lot of things I've said in the past year that have surprised me. Plus a lot of rules I've made that make me laugh. Here's a sampling:

Do NOT lick the wall.

Do not throw toys, except balls, and then never at people's heads.

Don't TOUCH ANYTHING! (Usually this is because he's running free with something gooey all over his hands.)

Do not wipe your nose on the couch.

Please get your lettuce out of your chocolate milk.

Do not step on your toys.

Do not let Elmo swim in the toilet.

Wearing your sandals with the picture of Pooh does not hurt Pooh. See, he's even smiling!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hank's Baptism

Here's the video of Hank's baptism. We were very proud of how many folks wanted to stand up with us for his baptism.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quint's Second Birthday

With my folks in town for the week, there's been little computer time, but here is the video of the crucial song!

More will follow with time...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chawky Mick

Because I'm home with the boys all the time now, Quint doesn't want me to go anywhere without him. Last night, we needed some groceries, the most urgent of which was milk. We had 2%, but were out of whole. Quint kept saying , "No, Mama, no store" or "me store, ME!" Now he looooooves his chocolate milk. I just told him that we were out of chocolate milk and I had to go to the store to get more. Small thoughtful pause. "OK Mama." And a couple minutes later, when I had yet to pick up my purse, he said, "bye, bye, store, Mama." :-p Manipulative little so and so.

Tonight, I told him I was going to go to church by myself for a while. He went through the same thing of "No, Mama, no church." "Me church too?"

Recently, during a really rainy day, he really wanted to go somewhere, and anywhere would do. He systematically listed off every place we ever go. Jump place, park, walk, store, church, out-eat, etc. Finally he just kept saying "Go!!" and pointing to the front door. Poor thing. It was 60 degrees and raining and I just wasn't going to take us out in that out of only boredom. Two days before it was 105.

Whoops, teething baby, gotta go...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My boys

Ok, I've gotten a lot done on my class, so I'm rewarding myself with a blog entry. But it's mostly pictures, so ENJOY!

So I got silly with the shampoo process...
Quint had an odd reaction to seeing Hank in his exersaucer type thingy for the first time. Hank loved it!
Quint: Mama! Get him outta there!
Hank: Ladidida...Cool, check out that baby in the mirror!
We lent this to a friend for a few months and she returned it cleaner than I've ever seen it. Check out that clear plastic thing on the right. I had no idea you could get it actually CLEAR!!
Quint entering the pool in his unique way...
Quint dressed as a Little House on the Prairie
character. Despite this face, he really did
like the overalls.

Papa and HankHank and Papa

Papa: Quint, Don't punch your brother!
Quint: My life was PERFECT before you came!
Hank: Just try it wise-guy. One day I'll be taller than you.

All my boys!
Quint the little angel....maybe devilish angel...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Computer time

I'm trying to spend more time on the computer working on my accounting class. The real result is more blog entries, facebook time, email checkage, and weather checkage. I've gotta do better.

But here's the daily update on Hank's rash. Since it started leaking clear stuff late last night, we went to the doctor today. He said it wasn't ringworm, but just eczema. OH! So that's why the anti-fungal hasn't been working. Good to know. Hydrocortizone, neosporin, or eucerin are the cures.

Other Hank news is that we had an extended neck sighting the other day! Perhaps 60 seconds straight of both sides of the neck being visible! Right now, he's propped up in the high chair trying to make a rattle do what he wants. We'll see how Quint reacts to him using the chair when they get back from the jump place.

God bless the jump place when I need to study accounting, Papa is home, and it's 105 freakin' degrees outside.

In the TMI category - the planets aligned and sex happened!! EEEEVVVERYone is happier in life now.

In unrelated news, I fell on a rusty screw the other day and cut my thigh pretty bad. But Dammit that spider DIED!!!! So now I need a tetnis shot. Apparently a tetnis shot is good for 10 years unless you cut yourself with something rusty. So why is it supposedly good for 10 years? Not looking forward to that.... The sweet part was that Quint was playing in his pool nearby and asked me several times, "OK?" as in "are you alright?" Finally I said no, I'm not alright. He got out of the pool, stopped what he was doing, came to me and patted things. He had no idea what to do, but thought that concerned patting would help. And it did! It made me smile and quelled the urge to cuss really really loudly.

OK, I gotta get back to studying. Hubby is still at the jump place, but I gotta use my time better.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Things Got Better

I remember when Quint was about 4 months old that suddenly, things seemed easier. I couldn't define how, exactly, but things were just better. I've always thought it was odd in Dick Francis books when he would say simply that "things got better". I get it now.

Monday, I had that feeling for the first time since Hank was born. It suddenly occurred to me that this has suddenly gotten easier. I have no idea if the situation has changed or if I've just gotten used to it. Hank doesn't have to be fed every 2 hours any more. He can go 4 or 6 hours pretty easily. Quint has cut down on needing something done RIGHT NOW simply because I'm nursing Hank.

On the other hand, Quint has turned into the no-monster. He'll just shout no instead of using his words to tell you what he really wants. On the other hand, when I raise my eyebrows and firmly say "NO" he stops asking for whatever.

The irony of my revelation that things are better is that very night Hubby was left home with both babies for nearly 6 hours. Hank got upset and wouldn't take a bottle. Hank cried for so long and so hard that Quint got upset that Hank was upset and so they were both howling when I came in. Hubby was a little wild eyed, very frustrated, and said he had a new found respect for me. I cuddled Quint and asked Hubby to hand me Hank so I could nurse him. With both babies on board, things got quiet. Everyone breathe a sigh of relief. Earlier, I had asked Cousin 4 how the night was going. He very politely said, "well, things were ok for a few minutes...a couple hours ago."

Hank is 3.5 months old, so this revelation of "easier" has come 2 weeks earlier than I expected. I knew I would need the most help this summer while Hank was the tiniest, and Cousin 4 has filled in that gap quite well. He was here and unemployed for 6 weeks to help me out during the day. Primarily, he picked up toys (restoring my sanity) and bounced the bouncy seat (allowing me to nap). Those two baby related things were a HUGE help, not to mention all the dishes, sweeping, trash taking, and cooking he did.

The other day, Hubby got on my case for how trashy my car was on the inside. Junk and trash accumulate at an astonishing rate and very occasionally, I shovel it all out. During the summer here, me cleaning out my car usually means having my two babies sit in the car in 95 degree heat while I clean out my car. Not happening. And once I bring them all in, I never think about it again. Ever. It's one of those chores that when it goes undone, it only inconveniences me. So it gets skipped. Always.

A while later, Hubby returned from getting my car inspected to find me supervising coloring "try to stay on the paper, honey. Please don't step on the crayons..." folding laundry, listening to the clothes washer and dryer, and listening to Hank be exceptionally frustrated that he couldn't roll over. He took all this in, and apologized. It was very sweet and did wonders for us both. Again, things got better. Better is good.

Oh yeah, and Hank rolled back to front for the first time! That's our new baby trick for this week.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Recent Conversation at My House

Me: Hey Honey, did you see how I arranged the roses in the vase?

Him: Yeah, it's different and really pretty! You're quite the interior decorator!


Me: Really? I thought you didn't like how I decorated things.

Him: No, you do a great job.

Me: But you won't let me do a lot of the things I want to do.

Him: Sure I will! What would you like to do?

Me: Take Jeff Davis off the living room wall?

Him: (quick response) No.

Me: Or take down the picture of the Rockies in the sofa room?

Him: (quick response) No.

Me: See, you don't let me do the stuff I really want to do.

Him: What's so wrong with the picture of the Rockies?

Me: Um, you've never been there, the colors clash, and the frame is a different kind of wood from anything else in the whole house.

Him: But there are family obligations tied up in that picture.

Me: To who?

Him: Ummm...

Me: Yeah, I thought so.

Him: But the flowers look great!

Me: Thanks honey.