Friday, September 2, 2011

Things Got Better

I remember when Quint was about 4 months old that suddenly, things seemed easier. I couldn't define how, exactly, but things were just better. I've always thought it was odd in Dick Francis books when he would say simply that "things got better". I get it now.

Monday, I had that feeling for the first time since Hank was born. It suddenly occurred to me that this has suddenly gotten easier. I have no idea if the situation has changed or if I've just gotten used to it. Hank doesn't have to be fed every 2 hours any more. He can go 4 or 6 hours pretty easily. Quint has cut down on needing something done RIGHT NOW simply because I'm nursing Hank.

On the other hand, Quint has turned into the no-monster. He'll just shout no instead of using his words to tell you what he really wants. On the other hand, when I raise my eyebrows and firmly say "NO" he stops asking for whatever.

The irony of my revelation that things are better is that very night Hubby was left home with both babies for nearly 6 hours. Hank got upset and wouldn't take a bottle. Hank cried for so long and so hard that Quint got upset that Hank was upset and so they were both howling when I came in. Hubby was a little wild eyed, very frustrated, and said he had a new found respect for me. I cuddled Quint and asked Hubby to hand me Hank so I could nurse him. With both babies on board, things got quiet. Everyone breathe a sigh of relief. Earlier, I had asked Cousin 4 how the night was going. He very politely said, "well, things were ok for a few minutes...a couple hours ago."

Hank is 3.5 months old, so this revelation of "easier" has come 2 weeks earlier than I expected. I knew I would need the most help this summer while Hank was the tiniest, and Cousin 4 has filled in that gap quite well. He was here and unemployed for 6 weeks to help me out during the day. Primarily, he picked up toys (restoring my sanity) and bounced the bouncy seat (allowing me to nap). Those two baby related things were a HUGE help, not to mention all the dishes, sweeping, trash taking, and cooking he did.

The other day, Hubby got on my case for how trashy my car was on the inside. Junk and trash accumulate at an astonishing rate and very occasionally, I shovel it all out. During the summer here, me cleaning out my car usually means having my two babies sit in the car in 95 degree heat while I clean out my car. Not happening. And once I bring them all in, I never think about it again. Ever. It's one of those chores that when it goes undone, it only inconveniences me. So it gets skipped. Always.

A while later, Hubby returned from getting my car inspected to find me supervising coloring "try to stay on the paper, honey. Please don't step on the crayons..." folding laundry, listening to the clothes washer and dryer, and listening to Hank be exceptionally frustrated that he couldn't roll over. He took all this in, and apologized. It was very sweet and did wonders for us both. Again, things got better. Better is good.

Oh yeah, and Hank rolled back to front for the first time! That's our new baby trick for this week.

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