Sunday, September 4, 2011

My boys

Ok, I've gotten a lot done on my class, so I'm rewarding myself with a blog entry. But it's mostly pictures, so ENJOY!

So I got silly with the shampoo process...
Quint had an odd reaction to seeing Hank in his exersaucer type thingy for the first time. Hank loved it!
Quint: Mama! Get him outta there!
Hank: Ladidida...Cool, check out that baby in the mirror!
We lent this to a friend for a few months and she returned it cleaner than I've ever seen it. Check out that clear plastic thing on the right. I had no idea you could get it actually CLEAR!!
Quint entering the pool in his unique way...
Quint dressed as a Little House on the Prairie
character. Despite this face, he really did
like the overalls.

Papa and HankHank and Papa

Papa: Quint, Don't punch your brother!
Quint: My life was PERFECT before you came!
Hank: Just try it wise-guy. One day I'll be taller than you.

All my boys!
Quint the little angel....maybe devilish angel...

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