Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chawky Mick

Because I'm home with the boys all the time now, Quint doesn't want me to go anywhere without him. Last night, we needed some groceries, the most urgent of which was milk. We had 2%, but were out of whole. Quint kept saying , "No, Mama, no store" or "me store, ME!" Now he looooooves his chocolate milk. I just told him that we were out of chocolate milk and I had to go to the store to get more. Small thoughtful pause. "OK Mama." And a couple minutes later, when I had yet to pick up my purse, he said, "bye, bye, store, Mama." :-p Manipulative little so and so.

Tonight, I told him I was going to go to church by myself for a while. He went through the same thing of "No, Mama, no church." "Me church too?"

Recently, during a really rainy day, he really wanted to go somewhere, and anywhere would do. He systematically listed off every place we ever go. Jump place, park, walk, store, church, out-eat, etc. Finally he just kept saying "Go!!" and pointing to the front door. Poor thing. It was 60 degrees and raining and I just wasn't going to take us out in that out of only boredom. Two days before it was 105.

Whoops, teething baby, gotta go...

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