Saturday, September 3, 2011

Computer time

I'm trying to spend more time on the computer working on my accounting class. The real result is more blog entries, facebook time, email checkage, and weather checkage. I've gotta do better.

But here's the daily update on Hank's rash. Since it started leaking clear stuff late last night, we went to the doctor today. He said it wasn't ringworm, but just eczema. OH! So that's why the anti-fungal hasn't been working. Good to know. Hydrocortizone, neosporin, or eucerin are the cures.

Other Hank news is that we had an extended neck sighting the other day! Perhaps 60 seconds straight of both sides of the neck being visible! Right now, he's propped up in the high chair trying to make a rattle do what he wants. We'll see how Quint reacts to him using the chair when they get back from the jump place.

God bless the jump place when I need to study accounting, Papa is home, and it's 105 freakin' degrees outside.

In the TMI category - the planets aligned and sex happened!! EEEEVVVERYone is happier in life now.

In unrelated news, I fell on a rusty screw the other day and cut my thigh pretty bad. But Dammit that spider DIED!!!! So now I need a tetnis shot. Apparently a tetnis shot is good for 10 years unless you cut yourself with something rusty. So why is it supposedly good for 10 years? Not looking forward to that.... The sweet part was that Quint was playing in his pool nearby and asked me several times, "OK?" as in "are you alright?" Finally I said no, I'm not alright. He got out of the pool, stopped what he was doing, came to me and patted things. He had no idea what to do, but thought that concerned patting would help. And it did! It made me smile and quelled the urge to cuss really really loudly.

OK, I gotta get back to studying. Hubby is still at the jump place, but I gotta use my time better.

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