Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lodge meeting

Last night was the first meeting in my husband's new lodge. Several years ago, they sold their lodge building to a developer for a rather large chunk of money. They've been sharing meeting quarters with another lodge here in town while renovations were completed on their new lodge. The building is really beautiful now and is well built for their purposes. The only drawback is the tiny parking lot. More on that later.

Because it was the very first meeting, and everyone would be there, we took Quint with us. That meant me going to pick him in our suburb and then driving back downtown. I hadn't seen a lot of those people since I was pregnant so they were surprised to see a little boy who can always hold his head up. Our little guy did great with a weird situation! Over the coarse of an hour, I bet 30 different people held him and he only got a little upset twice. Both times, whoever was holding him realized immediately that he needed to see Mama for a minute. One person handed him over, and the other put him on their shoulder where I got really close to his head, petted his head, told him it was alright and he calmed back down. He never did really cry that whole time! He didn't even cry during the prayer over the food. When it was his supper time, there was a tiny little room for us to go to that was comfy and quiet.

Because of the tiny parking lot, three of us ladies got our cars blocked in and couldn't leave until the meeting was over. After filling all the parking spaces, they double parked three more rows of cars in the parking lot. Luckily, I was only blocked by one car and I knew whose it was! I sent word into the meeting and he came out to rescue me. So I got to leave an hour into their lodge meeting. The other ladies had to wait until it was over. But I had diapers and milk so the waiting wasn't so bad. There's a nice rug in the lobby and comfy chairs. I could play on the floor with Quint and keep him happy. They've installed two huge sliding doors - sliding walls really - in the lodge so that the men can start their super duper secret meeting preparations (everybody put on a masonic apron) while non-members are still in the dining room.

Anyway, the three of us had a fun night out last night, and still got to bed at a decent hour!

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