Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Amazing Labor Day Weekend

My folks were in town for this past Labor Day weekend to (A) really get to see me huge pregnant and (B) help me get things ready for baby. Within my little notebook of lists (yes, a whole notebook of lists), there was a big list of things to do before my personal labor day. There was a Daddy list, a Mama list, a list of things I can stock in the freezer, a list of thank you notes to write, a list of pediatricians to examine, a grocery list (always), and a list of smaller home chores to do.

They took these lists and ran and it was a sight to behold! I was left with just answering questions (which gets harder closer to meal time) and occasionally fetching things. Here is a probably incomplete list of the things that got done this weekend by the four of us.

Large ham mostly devoured by the masses
Crib is now assembled
The changing table is now assembled (despite having all the wrong hardware)
The hot air balloon mobile is painted (this took 10 times longer than I thought it would)
The mobile is assembled
The water hose is finally attached to it’s reel
Ugly dead tree branches were jerked from various trees
All three toilets now work properly
Baby kicks were felt
Baby presents were opened
The light switch that wasn’t like the others is now like the others
Mini blinds were purchased and hung in the baby’s room
Home Depot was visited twice for more parts
Draino was used on my tub with fantastic results.
Laundry was washed
Groceries were gotten
Parents were schooled on GPS functions
Parents were fully introduced to the wonders of Aldi
Thank you notes were written
The brass headboard was done away with (weird story there!)
Several meals were made not by me!
Trees were trimmed
Walks were taken without me (Hubby has missed this)
The changing tables were stocked and prepared
Card games were played
A recreational fire was burned in the fire pit
Lots of porch sitting
Several naps
My computer was backed up so that the thumb drive, my home computer, and work computer all have the same data/pictures on them.
Church was attended
Furniture was re-arranged

That list will make anyone feel like a slacker! But there were 4 people and 3 days involved. Because of all this, I now feel incredibly prepared for the arrival of my little fella. Each of these nights I slept incredibly well because I was really tired and felt really accomplished. Parents are great! They really come through when you’re about to give them a grandchild!

Weird story about the brass headboard: I was going to give it to goodwill, but we were all feeling lazy about leaving the house to take it there in Daddy’s big enough vehicle. He suggested putting it out in the yard with a “free” sign and seeing if it took a hour to disappear. It took 90 minutes on a Saturday! The weird part was that it was picked up by two floppy haired teens, one with a shovel in his hand. A shovel? What’s the shovel for? Even if they were doing some unrelated project in the yard and walked down the street to fetch it at their mother’s request, why’d they bring the shovel? We jumped in the car to see where they took it, but it was stashed away somewhere by the time we made our rounds. Oh well. It’s a mystery.

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