Thursday, October 22, 2009

My, how times change

I realized in the shower this morning that it was 10 years ago, at about this time if year that I started dating my husband. A whole lot has changed in those 10 years, especially with a 5 week old little boy around. Oh, and little Quint smiled at me this morning! He focused on my face and gave me an Elvis smile (one lip) then I smiled and he gave me a huge toothless grin! Then I shrieked a laugh and he looked at me like I was nuts. Still! A smile on cue! Woohoo!!

Things that have changed in 10 years.

Where once my hubby would say, "Hey it's 8:30, we ought to get ready to go to the pub." Now he says "Hey it's 8:30. You need to eat something else and start getting ready for bed before he needs to nurse again."

10 years ago I was seldom in his bed at all, but would have to leave to return to my home state. Now he says in the morning, "Did you leave my bed for another man last night?" Oddly, the answer is "Yes, and he got to second base!"

Even this time last year, I was running frequently at the gym and would wash my extremely long hair every other day. This morning, the following thoughts crossed my mind: When is the last time I combed my hair out of a bun? Has it really been 10 days since I washed it? The good thing about waist length hair and newborns is that you only have to comb the first 6 inches of it for your bun to look nice.

Ok, so maybe a habit of not running to the child every time he cries has its good points. While in the shower, he was giving me his going ape-sh** cry which normally means that he's kicked off his blanket and is cold, or he wants lunch NOW!!!! So I hurried through rinsing my hair and dried off at lightening speed. I wrapped my hair in a towel and threw on a bathrobe only to look down at him and find that he had shut up and gone back to sleep. Hmmm... Guess he wasn't that hungry after all. So I hurried through getting dressed (actually brushed my teeth!) thinking that at any second, he could demand lunch. That was 45 minutes ago. I've now got partially dry hair, have washed a load of laundry, and have made a start into a blog. Weird. But good!

Yesterday, a friend who has become a much better friend since Quint was born called to tell me to go outside. She remembered how trapped she felt in the house when her babies were tiny and how much difference it made to get fresh air. She called at 3 to tell me this. At 5:30, I managed to get it done. And it did make a huge difference! It completely changed my mood! I came back in and emptied the dishwasher, refilled the dishwasher, cooked myself dinner (for the first time in Quint's life), folded and put away 2 loads of laundry, and neatened things a bit. Wow! That's the most I've gotten done in a long time!

Newer developments with small fry: He now loves the swing! As of Thursday! Seeing how I've been bouncing him in the bouncy seat with my foot for the past week, this isn't really surprising - just less labor intensive for me. Also, last Saturday, a friend came over to give me sanity (that's a good friend) and while changing Quint's diaper and clothes, said "you realize all these clothes are too small for him, right?" It's such a gradual thing, it's easy to miss. She was right, it shouldn't be THAT hard to button crotch snaps or get his knees bent enough to get his feet into a sleeper. I handed her a 0-3 month size sleeper and it was a breeze to get him into it. And it wasn't that baggy. Duh! After that, we only put 0-3 month clothes on him and dressing is much easier now. My 10 pound baby now wears clothes designed for a 10 pound baby.

A Baby Story is on in the next room. When in life is this a fun show to watch? Not while you're pregnant - it's scary. Not when your kids are tiny - your own story is too fresh. Not when you're thinking of getting pregnant - it's best to not be smacked with icky reality when planning a family that you know you want. So perhaps it's good to use as birth control. Or after you know for sure that you won't have any more kids - it would be good to reminisce.

There's a breeze outside and it's making it rain beautiful golden leaves off an Elm tree across the street. Ahhhh.... What a beautiful sight. Long pause to stare out the window.

Small fry is starting to wake up for his lunch now. A full our after his last May-Day (ape-sh**) cry. I really should start calling it a May-Day cry. Wow! A whole, lengthy blog was written today! But not edited, so reader beware.

Pinchable cheeks

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  1. Those cheeks made my Friday worthwhile, btw! I laughed pretty hard.