Friday, January 20, 2012

Super cute - brother teaching!

My boys are a continual joy. Except starting around 4:30 until 6pm, that is. The witching hour just really sucks sometimes! Today at one point when everyone else was screaming, I screamed too!! And thank goodness neither of them thought it was funny or I'da had'ta knocked their block off!!

Anyway. This morning when I was bathing them, they were playing together so nice. Quint was coloring on the wall of the tub with a tub crayon. After a few minutes, he said to Hank, "here you try it.... like this." He put the crayon in Hank's hand, put his hand over Hanks, and drew on the tub. It was so darn cute!! And that's the first time Quint has tried to teach Hank something. Awesome!!

A friend came over today to watch the boys while I went to the dentist. She told me about the imaginary play that she and Quint had done. And it was Quint's idea! In some Sesame Street books we have, Elmo is perpetually looking for a little black puppy (which he never finds!!) Quint took his Fisher Price Little People dog, would hide him, and wanted my friend to have another Little People look for him and find him. Quint just amazes me sometimes.

Hank is trying to learn to crawl which is a frustrating process for all of us. One day soon, he'll get really ticked off, gain super-human strength from his anger, and get it done for the first time. Right now, he's pushing around on his toes, sliding his face along the floor. If he would just extend his arms, he would be walking like a bear. But I can't really help him with that. When I try to lift his shoulders, he thinks I'm trying to pick him up. In the mean time, he scoots around a lot crying in frustration. He can roll and stretch to move around quite well. He can't go from laying to sitting on his own yet. He'll get there.

Quint will frequently beg and beg and beg to see either Nannie or Grandma online or on the computer. I always feel bad when we DO get on skype and then he takes off doing something else. When I pick up the phone, he has started telling me, "no, Mama, no talk on the phone." Monopolizing little so and so....

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