Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Tonight, when I got home from a grocery run sans kiddos, Hank was crying in his crib with Quint nearby in his own crib. It took me a minute to realize that Quint was singing to his brother, trying to calm him down. How sweet!!!

Hank, at nearly nine months old, says Mama, Papa, light, and tried to say "brother" today. It came out more like bud-dur, but he was pointing straight at Quint. I've got to get in the habit of naming everything around me again, like I did when Quint was a baby. Things like, table, chair, carpet, cracker, spoon, food, hungry, thirsty, drink, tired, hug, kiss. I say kiss all the time though. Every time I tickle and kiss the boys I say something like "I kiss your sweet cheek", "I tickle the baby boy", "I kiss the little boy".

Quint has been much whiney-er the last nearly week. I've been working to jerk a knot in his tail to fix that, but his Nannie is in town, so knot jerking is a bit difficult. He also seems to be a little jealous of his brother lately. Each time I've had to say that he must wait until I'm done doing whatever for Hank, he gets grumpy. He has started wanting us to rock him for a long time at night, and frequently spoon feed him. He's been more disobedient and doesn't listen as well lately, too. On the other hand, perhaps the big problem is that he's two. And gee, if I have to put up with a little disobedience, not listening, and whinyness, I've got it TONS better than lots of parents of two year olds. And I'm equally rewarded by him coming up to me to tell me that he needs a kiss, or brings me a drink, or any of the other amazingly sweet things that he does.

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