Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Laundry woes and daycare reassurances

My sister had mentioned how annoying baby laundry could be, but I didn't get it. Until last night.

Usually with a load of whites, it consists of Hubby's undershirts, over shirts, socks, washrags, hankies, and towels. That's 6 items, and typically pretty tall stacks. Last night I had a whole load of whites and there were two of about 15 kinds of items, making a huge spread of tiny stacks. After folding and sorting it, I felt like I'd made a big mess. Two onesies, two sleepers, two bibs, two baby socks, two me socks, two undershirts, two over shirts, two towels, two hankies, two washrags, two baby blankets, and two burp rags. Annoying, but certainly not the worst thing in the world.

Today, I managed to go to the daycare for a couple hours and I feel much better about things. It crossed my mind while nursing him this morning that I could pop over there this morning. How odd for that thought to not be scary. So I finished nursing, brushed my teeth for everyone's safety, and went before I could think about it. It was a good visit and not really unpleasant. I stayed 2 hours, was told about all their regular procedures, met everyone, watched a lunchtime, and got to watch everything. The women were friendly and liked the babies. They were realistic about bumps (Isabella, you're alright, just get back up) and cuddled the bottle babies while feeding them. The biggest thing to me, was that the babies were all pretty darn happy. One little guy smiled at me whenever I caught his eye. Even when one baby was having a near meltdown because she was READY for her lunch would smile as soon as I spoke to her. The delay for her lunch was due to finishing cleaning up after another child's lunch and preparing her lunch. The same kind of delay I make Quint have when he wants to eat, but I need to go to the bathroom and gather a couple things before sitting down to nurse. None of the babies were neglected when they needed something. When a baby woke up grumpy, they tried to get them to sleep a bit longer. When they woke up happy, they would put them on the floor to play.

I was very reassured and only cried twice. They have no bouncy seat or swing, and my little guy dearly loves to sit in his vibrating seat. He'll have to get over it, which will not be fun for the staff.

Today I have been quite productive!
I ate leftovers!
I visited the daycare
I brushed my teeth (this doesn't always make the list)
I picked out pictures to print since the birth
I actually printed those pictures
I packed up maternity clothes to send to my sister
I blogged
I balanced the checkbook
I had a video visit with my sister in law
I talked to my mother for 30 minutes

My lower back has been a bit tight so I exercised it a bit today. A new goal of mine is to exercise each day. That sounds rather lofty until you hear my actual plan. I hope to exercise for at least 10 minutes a day. Oh yeah, I'm setting that bar HIGH! Crunches, squats, or toe touches. We'll see how that goes.

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