Monday, November 2, 2009

Pea Pod

For Halloween our little guy was a pea pod! Isn't he cute! He will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. He has started responding to us more and more. We usually get at least a smile a day. My face is a comfort to him, even when I just show up at his swing. When we stick out our tongue at him, he sticks his out at us. He is now interested in toys dangled in front of his face and will track them, left and right. He is now content to gurgle, coo, and wiggle in his crib in the morning if he isn't hungry or dirty.

He spent his first times in the church nursery this week. One hour on THursday for choir practice and the whole time for Sunday church. I managed to not bolt from the service at any point to go check on him, but that was mostly because we were singing special music during the communion at the very end of the service. Otherwise, I would have been outa there!

One day this week, I really need to go to the daycare and have us both hang out in the baby room. That will be just LOADS of fun. I need to take a box of tissues, I'm sure.

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