Friday, November 25, 2011

Poor Baby...

Quint has a stomach bug. This is the first time he's been sick since.... well, since I pulled him out of daycare. Hmm... that's interesting.

I'm gonna get a little gross here so beware.

The poor guy doesn't know how to throw up and I've had to coach him in ways to make it less gross. Like, "just let it come out your mouth, don't try to stop it". "You know that feeling you had right before you threw up? When you feel that again, try to tell us "throw up" so we can make it easier." And by that, I mean motor him to the hardwood floors or throw a blanket at him. It came out his nose once, poor guy.

The good news is that he didn't seem to feel bad. He wasn't whiny, or feverish, and he was still energetic. We all talked about it, and I'm not sure he ate hardly anything in the last two days. He threw up three times and the first time, I just nearly caught it in the face. He came over to me and coughed in my face. I chided him on covering his cough, turned away for the second cough, and he threw up on the third. Once in the living room, once on the kitchen floor, and once in his bed.

This evening, he wanted to eat some of my mac and cheese. I started to say he couldn't, that this was Mama's supper, then Hubby and I locked eyes and we got him his own plate. Down the hatch it went. So maybe he's feeling better. I hope so!

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