Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sitting up!

Here's the latest shots of my boys! Little Hank sat up for the first time yesterday!! As in, I pose him and he can maintain it for one to two minutes. When he first realized what he was doing, the look of joy and astonishment on his face was priceless!! And because I get to stay home with him, I got to see that face and not just hear about it. For me, that's huge! Here he is sitting up!

Here are both of my boys.
Quint being silly in the tub.
Quint holding Hank's hand.
Quint flying down the stairs with his teddy and blanket.
This hat is just too cute!!
My little leprechaun!
Silly face...

Smiley bubbles.

These pictures are in reverse order so the first one is the most recent and the last one is about a month old.

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