Wednesday, April 25, 2012

All in a day

Eventful day!

In the morning, with the beautiful weather, we spent an hour and a half outside. Quint always wants to swing and swing and swing. Uncle Four pushed him for a while and then slowly let him drift down to nothing. I went over and started pushing him big again. After a while, I asked him if he was having fun because he looked nearly asleep or something. Uh-huh. Is your tummy alright? Uh-huh. And then..... he threw up. So I accidentally swang my son to vomit.

But we were outside and it was plenty warm, so we got out the water hose! He had a great time getting hosed off. We got the big stuff off and had a lot of fun squirting water. We striped him on the porch and went inside for lunch. All better.

After nap, we went for a walk. As usual, we stopped at the little creek to feed cheerios to the fish. There's a three foot drop from the shore to the water. I knew that at some point, one of us would fall over. The good news is that, at most, the water is a foot deep and very slow running. Today, the water was even lower than normal. And today, Quint fell in. He was too close to the edge, and the edge crumbled under him. I heard the splat and feared the worst - that his head had hit one of the bigger rocks. Thankfully, I was wrong.  The splat was only his bare legs hitting very thick, very clay like, mud. First thing I saw over the edge was his crying face, dirty, and unhurt. Relief.

Uncle Four jumped down there, extracted him and handed him to me. I sat down and settled him on my lap to try to asses the damage. His little legs were black with mud. He saw the mud and screamed! I had most of a 2 liter of water with me and started cleaning him off. Once the mud was mostly off his skin, he calmed down a lot. There was another family there with us at the moment with a kid Quint's age. He started crying because Quint was crying. I told them that I wouldn't blame them at all if they wanted to go. She made sure he wasn't hurt and they left. We got him cleaned up with a spare receiving blanket (kinda)and calmed down and he only had a teeny, tiny shallow scrape on one knee. A bath at home fixed the rest.

So that's how one boy can get two whole outfits completely filthy in just one short day!

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