Wednesday, April 11, 2012

bad dreams

Wow. I just had an amazing conversation with my toddler.

This morning, his baby brother fell off the changing table. In the time it took me to unball two socks and prepare one to put on the baby foot, he completely flipped over and got his legs and butt off the table. This made his head flip over in an arc, while turning him to face the floor. He landed face first IN A FULL BASKET OF LAUNDRY and then kind of slithered out and very minorly bumped his head. It was amazing! And scarey for the baby. Obviously scarey for the toddler too.

George just woke up from a nightmare, hysterical to find some socks. Nathan couldn't figure out why, or rather the gibberish didn't make sense to him since he didn't see the fall. George dreamed that Thomas fell off the changing table and George had to bring him socks to make it better. He was frantically looking through his dresser for socks. I found him some socks, put them on him, and started to talk to him. I told him that Thomas wasn't hurt in the fall. "But he cried and cried!" I tried to explain that he was just scared, and that's why he cried. He said, "Don't (sob) put Thomas (sob) on the table (sob) again." I said, "well, I was thinking about just starting to change both of you on the floor, since Thomas flipped off. Would that be better?" "uh-huh!" "Ok, you wanna to make sure Thomas is OK, right now?" "(sob, sob) uh-huh"

Papa was downstairs with Thomas, unfortunately changing Thomas' clothes ON THE CHANGING TABLE! So we got him off the table and put him on the floor and finished dressing him.

After we got back upstairs, we prayed thanking Jesus for easy falls into piles of laundry and protecting us from scarey dreams. Then he wanted another prayer so we thanked Jesus for green trees, kitty cats, and little brothers.

He seemed so much older as I tucked him into bed again and said goodnight. This was the first bad dream he has had where he could tell us what happened in the dream. And for once, he actually said goodnight too, instead of continuing to ask for something else as I close the door (drink of water, go potty, another blanket, another elmo, or whatever). I was amazed and proud of my little big brother.

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