Thursday, March 22, 2012

Woke up laughing

I woke up laughing today which is something I cherish.

In my dream, I had sent my sister some video of my kids which she wasn't able to view on her current TV and stereo system. (Which is bunk, she has a great system and ours is all craigslist.) I had apparently shopped for a new system for her online and sent her the links. In my dream, she was leaving me a phone message saying the following:

"Hey Sis, thanks for doing all the research on this, but when I asked the guy at the store how much this would cost he said $200,000. So I don't think we're we're going to buy all that just to watch the video of your kids filmed on a cheap video camera. Thanks anyway! Love you Sis. Beeep."

Practical one, my dear sis.

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