Friday, March 16, 2012

New Baby Tricks

Thomas is now crawling quite quickly, even when he's in footed jammies. Thomas and George play together with their new tunnel. George will sometimes crawl across the floor with Thomas. The biggest thing that has happened in the last couple days is that Thomas is pulling up! He is 10 months old and pulls up to standing on stools, chair spokes, and even rocking chairs. He still has no idea how to sit back down, though. After a while, he will cry out, I'll go over and ask him if he wants to sit, and he looks at me like "and just how do I do THAT!" I'll take his little hands, tell him to sit while slowly pushing his hands back past his shoulders. When his bottom finally plops, he grins at me and his whole body relaxes. Then, he'll crawl off quickly to where ever he wanted to go.

Hubby asked me if I had photographic evidence of this newest feat and I had to admit that, no, I didn't. I hadn't thought of it. So I'll have to get some good standing shots tomorrow.

Baby Thomas is still speaking his own language, but if you pretend you know the language, you can usually figure it out. So I'm probably the only one who can understand him. Here are some things that he seems to have communicated with more than just body language: light (of course), up, out, down, brother (bubba), "here brother" while handing over a toy, ball, what, get out, and probably some others.

One day, he was pointing to a door knob and said "uh-t". I said, "what's this?" He said, "uh-t" with bright eyes. I said, "door knob." He said, "oor ob." I further said, "this is a door." He said, "oor."

So I've started my thing of naming all the objects around me and narrating all my actions. I've got a new sponge in the house and he's learning English! Or at least American.

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