Tuesday, July 21, 2009

pinball boy

The last two nights, when it comes time for me to start to drift off to sleep, the boy starts playing pinball with my ribs and my hip bone on the opposite side. Last night, I had the huge headphones on my belly playing him Loreena McKinnnet and other soothing music to try to wind him down. Could he just hate that music enough that it makes him violent? Or does he really like it? Anyway, he nearly kicked the headphones off once. Not that that's hard, really. They have a tendency to slip off anyway. I called my hubby over there to witness the amazing movement of my belly. All this kicking was threatening to keep me awake just because the little stabs of pain were so regular.

I asked Hubby to talk to the boy and tell him to go to sleep. I didn't really think this would work, but why not try it. So Hubby knelt down beside the bed, said hello, told him he was his daddy, and that he loved him, and said very sweetly why the baby needed to calm down for just a few minutes so I could get to sleep. He babbled on for a few more sentences. The amazing thing is, that as soon as Hubby started talking, the kicks became more gentle (the kind I can sleep through) and after a couple more sentences, he became pretty still. He was just wiggling instead of exercising. We were both very surprised and enchanted.

Very cool!

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