Saturday, July 16, 2011

Having a moment

Hubby is out of town this week. My mom, Nannie, is in town to help me with the boys. Here's a conversation that happened yesterday with Hubby.

Hubby: Hi Honey, have you got a minute to talk?

Me: Not really, I'm having a moment.

Hubby: What's wrong?

Me: Nannie took Quint for a walk to give me a little break and I thought I'd slap another layer of polyurethane on these tables. I managed to flick polyurethane on my glasses, forehead and freshly washed hair. I think my glasses are stuck to my face. And Hank just woke up and started crying.

Hubby: I'll let you go! Call when you can!

So instead of a peaceful few minutes with a sleeping baby, I basically took a bath in mineral spirits. I got all the polyurethane off my glasses pretty easy. I put mineral spirits on a paper towel and rubbed it all over my arms, face, and after a moment's thought, in my hair. Then I washed my hair with hand soap at the kitchen sink. All of this while bouncing Hank in his bouncy seat with one foot. Then I made myself some honeybutter as a consolation and called Hubby back.

Opps, Hank is awake. Thus end of blog!

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