Saturday, July 2, 2011

the fallout...

While my sister was in town, she held little Hank nearly constantly. As she says, she was sucking all the lovin' out of him via repeated kisses on the noggin. She left on Thursday. Guess what Hank wanted all day Friday... he wanted to be held constantly. So Friday was just LOOOOAAAADS of fun. So much fun, that I asked my hubby to come home early to rescue me. Hank was the baby who never slept and never hushed either. Once Hubby got home, we could at least take turns holding the baby or visiting with the quiet and sweet son.

The very good result was then when he finally DID go to sleep at around 11pm, he slept straight through the night until 5am when I woke HIM up to relieve the amazing milk pressure. Then he went back to sleep for three hours. He's six and a half weeks old!

I looked it up and Quint did that at eleven weeks. Of course this with Hank might be a fluke.

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