Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sis's Visit

My wonderful sister came to visit last Sunday and just left a few minutes ago. She came for vacation and to meet my new baby Hank.

While she was in town, we did three big things that I can't do my myself right now: Go to the park, go to the zoo, and see the train exhibit at a local botanical gardens. It's really hard to chase a nearly 2 year old while holding a newborn. Once Hank can hold up his head and therefore be strapped to my chest, this will change (some). So for all these events, one of us would chase Quint and the other keep Hank happy.

So here's our photo collection from the last week. Please note the placement of the raisins.

Cedar chips are really cool!
Aunt D and Hank
Hank's standard look right now.
Kind of like a startled frog.
I'm confident that he'll grow out of it.
A little smile!
A little more smile!
At the zoo!
On the zoo train.
Giraffes! This is where I finally relaxed and
tried to let Quint run free without me completely
freaking out. There were fewer people near this
exhibit and Quint was running slower. The combo
let me let him wander free.
At the train exhibit the next day, my
"where is my kid!" panic had returned because
it seemed that Quint and I stayed on opposite
sides of the exhibit for a while. I finally chilled a little.

I finally got this picture of Quint after about 90 minutes.

The first good hour of this exhibit, Quint was running around shouting "TRAINS! TRAINS!" or "CHOO CHOOS!! CHOO CHOOS!!" about ever three seconds. By the time I could get a still shot of him, he was sitting where he knew the train would come right by him about ever 60 seconds. Then he would softly say, "train, train" every time it rolled by. Very worth it.


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