Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First smile?!

Last night, I think that Hank smiled at me for the first time!

It was somewhere between 1am and 5am, who the hell knows when. He had just finished nursing and burping and I held him close to my face, said Hi and smiled really big. He looked at me like I was nuts, and then gave a little grin! I sat there for a minute thinking, "am I just imagining that? Isn't this way too early?" So I waited a couple minutes and did that again. Once again, he looked at me like I was nuts, and then gave the same little grin!

Now begins the circus type antics to try to get more smiles out of my four week old baby!

I looked it up, and first smiles can be expected between 4 and 6 weeks old. So maybe it was the real thing! I'm counting it! SO THERE!!

In other news, I had the (non-female) annual physical today including an EKG. Yes, I'm 33 and had an EKG. That's because my blood pressure is being managed. Everything turned out fine, but have you ever tried to get a comprehensive exam from a doctor while you've got a 21 month old and a 4 week old?! I took a friend with me to help with the kids and she brought her son with her - who was a big help too! But that made 6 people in a room the size of a walk in closet. And of course the infant had a blow out diaper and needed a whole outfit change. Quint was great if a bit all over the place with his toy trucks. Thankfully, my doctor has 4 girls, including a set of twins and was able to block all that stuff out and concentrate on me. My friend handled dressing the infant and was the proud recipient of vomit on both of her shirts.

I've managed to fill out the birth announcements today and they only lack postage.

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