Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sitting up - not really

We've been taking walks with Quint and Hank in our double stroller. We can lay Hank flat and Quint can sit up in the front. The last couple walks, Hank has just cried the whole time and I wind up carrying him for most of the walk. Which will really do a number on your back!

This morning, I took the boys on a walk by myself (first time I've tried that) and sure enough, Hank started to cry about the time we hit the jogging path by the creek in the next neighborhood. It's the most peaceful part of the walk - except if you have a screaming infant. I had noticed that Hank screamed more when I had the sun shade covering him completely up. So I tried sitting his seat up so he could see out. He immediately shut up! I had enough blankets with me to prop him up so his little head wouldn't flop around. He was quiet the rest of the walk and even was asleep when I got us home!

Hank is one month old today!

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