Sunday, June 5, 2011

Balancing Act

OK, I hardly ever post anything that makes my wonderful husband look dumb or silly, but this was just too cute. And sooooo something I would do. And actually, I have had a similar experience with Quint's winter coat.

Hubby and Quint were having a potty session (WHY is it that Quint just about won't go potty with me?!) when their speech became frantic. Quint was crying, Hubby was giving orders to stand up, and then Quint was calling for me. Suddenly, Hubby roars for me as well. Not good. Hubby was trotting toward me holding a crying Quint up by the arms.

"Honey!" Hubby says in a panicky voice, "he's lost the ability to balance! Quint, stand up!"

Hubby sets him squarely on his feet. And the boy does manage to balance for a minute, but starts to wobble badly. "MAMA!" he says pitifully. I sit on the ground in front of him, holding him up, and only then do I see the problem.

Both feet are through one pant leg.

Hubby is still looking panicked and like he's going to offer to take him to the ER any second. I try to suppress a giggle and lay the boy down on his back. I pick up the empty pant leg and flap it up and down. Hubby immediately looks relieved and starts to apologize to Quint for doing this to him. And then scolding him for not standing up as a result. Quint is still distressed and we both say soothing things to him while I fix his pants. As soon as he's on his feet, all is forgiven and forgotten.

If only all panic inducing episodes were so easily solved....


  1. LOL! I don't think that makes Hubby sound dumb or silly. It just makes him sound like a parent who might need more sleep. I think the reason we can't remember life from when we are that young is so that we can still respect our parents when we get older.

  2. I laughed pretty hard at this--not at Hubby, but more about the moment of realization....!!