Monday, July 11, 2011

Watching the children and the garden grow....

OK, so we don't have a garden. But I've always liked that line in a song.

It always amazes me when you notice a child's growth from one day to the next. When Quint was a baby, there were some days that you'd pick him up and think, "wow, you weigh more than you did yesterday". Once I heard three people say that about him on the same day, and they hadn't heard each other say it.

Now, Quint is a barrel chested little boy and there are some days I can tell that his barrel has expanded from the previous day. His chest will be deeper from sternum to spine. And usually, within a day or two, a bunch of his shirts don't fit.

Yesterday, Hank had an obvious chest growth. All of a sudden the barrel of his chest is thicker, and at the same time he chunked up a bit. He was wearing a white onesie and when I put him to bed, I swear that thing was looser than when at 10am the next morning. He filled out his onesie overnight. And no, it wasn't a diaper that needed changing. There's more meat on his little arms. So maybe Hank is going to turn into a little chunk like Quint was. I'd really like that. I like fat babies.

Quint had a large first today! He wanted to wear his underpants for the first time. He wore them for about an hour, which ended with an accident, but he stopped the accident, went to the potty and finished up. For 22 months old, I count that as a great success. Here he is showing off his Thomas the Train underpants.

Nannie arrives tomorrow which will be a fun week of trips to the zoo, the train show, the park, the library, all those places that I can't take Quint by myself. Once Hank is content sitting in a stroller, then maybe things like the zoo can work with just one adult. Maybe.... but for now, we have to wait for Aunt D or Nannie or Nina to come to town.

And here's a video for Aunt J and chids. I call it confession time.

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