Monday, December 12, 2011

Dropped the Ball

Ok, it has become shockingly clear that other people cannot audibly hear my every thought, so I'm going to have to impart some pertinent catchup info.

1. We are probably not going to put Hank in a head-reshaping-helmet. Insurance is not initially excited about paying for the first step CT scan. His head is starting to round out now that he's reliably sitting up for most of the day. And several relatives, who I trust, have looked at his head this weekend and they can't see the odd lumps that I think I can see. These lumps might not be there at all, and I might be just looking at his head too much. My big concern has not been childhood ridicule for an oddly shaped head, but later in life when his hair falls out and an odd shape would be more obvious. And as Cousin Four has pointed out, Hank is not going to be mad at me when at 40 or 50, he has lost his hair and realizes that lumpy head could have been avoided if I'd only put his head in a vise at six months of age. That will be in the 2050s or 2060s just for perspective. Good point. There is nothing wrong with his head (as far as we know) and the "treatment" would have been considered cosmetic. So, as I said, we are probably not going to be doing anything about this oddly flat head thingy.

2. I'm taking an Intermediate Accounting class this spring.

3. We are taking the umbrella stroller and baby sling with us when we travel.

4. Hank has gained a full pound since I started feeding him actual food several times a day. He is still considered underweight for his age, but is growing properly.

5. I fell down the stairs yesterday. My biannual missing of the last two stairs, just like I always do. I did NOT have a child in my hand at the moment. I did have an armload of (previously) folded laundry. I scraped and carpet burned one arm and severely jammed my second toe. Horrible injuries, that. Otherwise, I landed on my fluffily padded arse. Hubby had no hope of hearing the fall, being with both boys, a TV, with a running washer and drier between us. Cousin Four bolted over to me, kept examining the laundry and finally said, "there's no baby here!" "Nope, just me." Huge sigh of relief from him. Then, "Are YOU ok?" Completely understandable reaction, that still seemed funny at the moment. He then helped me up and asked if he could stop producing adrenaline now. Yes.

6. Quint has been having a lot of trouble sleeping through the night since he personally met Po from Kung Fo Panda. We saw him at the huge hotel with the great Christmas lights. He came out for his appearance probably 20 feet from us. (For a mere $50, you could have your picture taken WITH him!) Quint crawled out of the front of his double stroller, climbed my frame, clung like a burn and cried into my neck. We now have to have a nightly litany of "the Panda won't hurt you. The Panda won't come in here. The Panda doesn't know where you live. The dark can't get in." and other reassuring statements. So Hank and Quint are sleeping in separate places again so that Quint doens't wake Hank up.

I think my battery is just about to die!!! More later.

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