Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Further updates

At Wally World today, we saw a large cardboard picture of the terrifying panda. Quint got tense and started edging over to my leg. I quickly said, "this is just a cardboard picture of the panda, Quint. See?" and thumped it in the head. He visibly relaxed, reached up to feel of it, and then hit it himself. Maybe we've turned a corner on the Panda's-gonna-get-me thing.

Quint learned that he can toot on command today. I tried not to laugh, really I did! But he would obviously try pretty hard, toot, and then absolutely die laughing at himself. And I would laugh at his reaction. Did I mention that he is boy to the core? So all day, there was tooting, laughing, then laughing. I put it on Facebook and my boyfriend from 7th grade said to make sure he doesn't try TOO hard or bad things will happen. He does still wear diapers. Which told the tale tonight at bathtime. Also, his contribution to the bubble bath was especially comical tonight. Never a dull moment around here.

I thought I'd try to put Hank down in the boy's room to sleep tonight. He was completely knocked out, still nursing a bit in his sleep, right until I stepped on the squeak outside their bedroom door. Then, he awoke, went rigid, and squeaked so loudly that the sleeping Quint flopped over in shock. He thumped right back down asleep, but I dashed down the hall with Hank just to make sure. Sheesh! I finally did get him down in there. I'll have to stealthily put the monitor in there here in a while.

Last night, when I went in to try to get Quint to stop crying and go to sleep, inspiration hit. I did the Elmo voice and had Elmo ask if he could spoon with Quint. He very sweetly put his arm around Elmo and we heard not another peep out of him.

I packed away 7 or 8 pounds of ham into the freezer tonight. All sliced up into sandwichable slices. We've nearly polished off the pound cake that was given to us, and the oaty-berry-yummy bars that were given to us. We will probably freeze some of the cheese danish that were too cheap to pass up. Because, as Pastor Chris said on Sunday, we all need extra carbohydrates around the house at this time of year. He was advertising for the bake sale going on in the foyer.

Every version of the Grinch is good. I want to ride the uphill trash dumper machine!!! It seems like a ride at Schlitterbaun!!! White Christmas gets dull after just 10 minutes.

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