Monday, April 5, 2010

Feeding Fun

Feeding my little guy vegetables has become quite fun. It's a huge mess, of course, but that adds to the fun. Lately I've gotten better at swiping his lips with the spoon BEFORE he gets his hand in his mouth which makes things lots neater. Still, the process is still a two-washrag-endeavor. One big kitchen washrag and now a baby washrag. I finally figured out that he hates for me to scrub his face after eating, but he loves to chew on and play with a washrag himself. Duh! Give him a washrag to clean himself up!

Friday at supper was the first time I just left him with a rag. The entire range of emotions on his face was absolutely hysterical. I wiped off his hands with my rag, put his rag on the tray, and walked over to the kitchen. He saw the baby rag, his eyes lit up as if I'd left him a cupcake, he tentatively pulled it toward him while looking like "ooooh, she left this by ACCIDENT and now I'VE GOT IT!!!" He drew it into his mouth, completely looking like he got away with something BIG, saw me watching him, and (I swear), blew me a raspberry! He had his fun with the washrag and got his face really quite clean! And no crying was involved. We now have a new procedure.

Another time this weekend, I gave him two saltines after his meal, mostly to play with, but one day he'll learn how to actually consume them. Right now, he chews them apart, making a wonderful mess, but probably consuming very little of them. While he was "eating" his crackers, I asked him if he was having fun with his crackers. I swear he said, "oh, yeah!" I look over and his head is tilted back, dropping cracker parts into his mouth from above. Hubby was upstairs out of sight and said, "did he just answer you?!" Yes, I believe so!

Oh, and he hates butterbeans.

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  1. Don't worry, my boy hates to have his face washed too. We recently discovered a simlar procedure for getting him ready for bed. For some reason he hates to have his jammies put on, so one night we gave him his "baby toothbrush" made just for kiddos. He LOVED it and it stopped the crying for the bedtime routine!