Friday, April 16, 2010

Friendly Visitors

My little man either has a cold or bad allergies. I called the doctor today and found out that, yes, my 7 month old weighing 19.5 pounds CAN have children's benadryl. Guess what I'm buying today!

Last night, his nose contents started interfering with his eating. It's hard to nurse when you can't breathe through your nose. And then there's the bubble blowing.... I'm going to try to tell this without being too gross, but I have to quote Dawson McAlister here (remember him?!)

When you're kissing your honey, and his nose is all runny, you may think it's funny, but it's snot.

Background on other things/people/spirits/floaties in our house. We have had too much happen in our lives to believe that there are not ghosts or spirits or whatever roaming around the world. Sometimes they're people we know, but more often, we don't know who they are or why they're there. Perhaps we've watched too many ghost hunter type shows. Who knows. Amongst these rather vague beliefs is that small children can see or sense them more than we can. There have been MANY times that I think my son is interacting with someone I can't see. Once when he was interacting and I carried him out of the room, his face fell. Just for the hell of it, I said to the general air, "Whoever was playing with Quint, follow us upstairs and keep doing it." My son started watching something follow us upstairs and he continued to seemingly interact with it.

We have never thought that these interactions are scary or creepy or sinister. We occasionally discuss the vast theological implications of this phenomena only to realize that we probably aren't supposed to get it. Just something we don't understand and probably won't until we can ask God directly, "hey, what was up with that?"

At 1am last night, Quint was uncomfortable and kinda gross, and couldn't nurse for comfort. He didn't really want Motrin, but he had a little anyway. We were sitting in the rocking chair in his room. He got quiet after a while and started watching something near the arm of my chair. He would occasionally smile as he stared at a spot in space. Just past the spot where he was staring was the ever entertaining stack of burp rags, so I really don't think he was looking at that.

Then he reached out a hand to try to touch it.

He cupped his little hand and tried to draw whatever it was closer to his face. His little hand made this motion probably a dozen times. One time, he brought his hand to his mouth as if to feel the texture of something with his mouth, like he does when plays with my hair or some toy I dangle in his face. He realized that there was nothing on his hand and looked at it with puzzlement, then looked up again and tried again. I stopped rocking so he could "catch" it. He moved the arm he had braced on my chest for balance and tried to draw it near him with both hands. Then he cooed. And smiled.

I said to whatever it was, to please keep doing whatever calming thing you're doing so my baby will feel better. He settled down, laid his head on my chest, and stared at the same spot, awake, for about 20 minutes. Then it seemed to get up and leave the room, Quint watching it the whole time. He was less settled after that and I had to go to plan B for us to get any sleep last night.

Anybody else had any experiences like this? I'd love to hear more stories like this one.

Update on Waaaah!
I swear my son can understand a ton more than I give him credit for. I said to several people, while he was in my arms, that he's not really a very cuddly baby. I would demonstrate and say, "he doesn't rest his head on my shoulder much." Since I've said that 2 or 3 times, he has started doing it! Also, pretending to be shy and hiding on my shoulder. Very sweet! And all I had to do was mention it. Cool!

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  1. Here's my theory on the friendly and not-so-friendly visitors. They are the angels that didn't pick a side during the battle and, hence, are not welcome in either heaven or hell. They take on the likenesses of people because they wish they could be people and eventually go to heaven (or hell). Some of them are angry, some of them are nice. I also believe they use our energy somehow. As you said, it's just another one of those things God will explain to us later. Or, when later comes, we won't care enough to want an explanation.