Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Visiting my hair

Hubby took the small fry to daycare yesterday. (Skipping a long nasty rant about why that's not every day.) I also washed my hair for the first time in.... I'm going to take the 5th on that, on second thought. Anyway. It made me absurdly happy to have clean hair that I could LEAVE HANGING DOWN!! With no small fry to deal with this morning, I could both leave my hair down to finish drying AND WEAR A NECKLACE!! So all day I played with my very long hair and basically visited it like an old friend. I learned that it's only two inches from the chair seat when I sit up straight! I had no idea it was quite THAT long. And when I looked in the mirror, I could see my honeymoon emerald around my neck! AND NO ONE WAS SWINGING FROM EITHER GIRLY ITEM!!! It was a wonderful, free feeling.

When I picked Quint up from daycare, I still had it down and he looked at my hair laying on my arm with curiosity and immediately clinched his tiny fist around it and put it in his mouth. Good thing there was enough slack in it that this didn't pull and hurt me. Up in a bun it went. A while later at home, while he was nursing, he did his standard thing of trying smooth out the hollow of my throat (who needs that dippet anyway!) and found the necklace. He didn't let go nursing, but his eyebrows shot up and he started to wrap his tiny fist around the chain. I managed to take the necklace off quickly without loosing the charm.

Today I have my hair down again but will probably braid it before the day is out. It's nice to visit my hair on occasion!

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