Thursday, November 11, 2010

Laugh for the day

Today, we tried and are trying to buy a car. We thought we had it nailed down and drove 30 miles away to go "pick it up". Good thing I didn't just leave Hubby there like we thought about doing. There were SEVERAL small things wrong with it, including not having the original key, not having any programmable keys (we would need two) and not having even one key fob for remote entry (we would need two). Those things right there add up to $300-500 to replace. And that wasn't all. And he wouldn't budge on the price.

So we're back to square one for the big car hunt. I spent 10 minutes online with craigslist and found 10 or so cars within a 3 hour drive that we might be interested in and emailed them to Hubby. Have I mentioned that I'm delighted that Hubby does all the hard stuff on car buying?! There were two others here in our own town and he drops by one to see the powder blue car. Hubby's not thrilled with powder blue - he says it's an old woman color (?).

So he goes to check the thing out. It has an awesome price, which should have been a clue. It was owned by a smoker, the first key they gave him wouldn't open the car, and last but not least, IT WOULDN'T START! Oh, look at that, there's no battery. And no spare. What else have you poached off the car? Five Arab guys can't be bothered with details like that because their buddy just arrived with the Taco Bell. See ya.

Yup, that's my big laugh for the day. Kinda pathetic.

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