Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday update

Quint had a fever of 101.2 yesterday and Priscilla called to say come get him. When I got there, he was burning up and being politely sequestered. He was in a highchair with some toys and everyone else was on the other side of the room. No real symptoms other than the fever. He's home today with Daddy. He seemed fine as frog hair today, but he can't return to daycare until he's 24 hours from symptoms.

Of course, I would rather stay home with him (Mom), but I don't have any more sick time. And while they are letting me go (which makes me not care how often I am home sick or otherwise not present), I am trying to get a different job there at the same company, which means I need to be present, smiling, and presentable (hair combed and actually pay attention to what clothes I put on) as often as possible.

I did a toy rotation this morning, so he was exceptionally entertained when I left for work. When the ball popper plays now, he dances by spinning in a circle. It's more like he's doing a one footed basketball pivot over and over, but it's still cute! It's November (2 months after his birthday) and I've just now rotated all the new toys into use.

Last night, I forgot to take my nyquil again and so was up coughing and coughing and coughing from 3am to 4am. Loads of fun. Why do I keep forgetting that?!

Our check arrived so that we can go buy a new car. For years, YEARS!! Hubby has been very proud of the fact that we've bought several Grand Marquis for about $7k with 70k miles on them. No, we have not bought seven of them. So we're looking at 2004 models of Grand Marquis with between 60k and 80k miles on them and have found several for $7000-7500. Odd how those numbers still work after 10 years of cars. Anyway. With the amount that insurance is giving us for the wrecked Grand Marquis, this will put us about $2000 in debt to buy the car. If that car lives only 5 years, and we financed it for 60 months (we won't) that would work out to a car payment of $33 per month. Or $400 per year. That's an awesome deal!

But with me soon to be out of work, and pregnant, he's starting to get panicky and look at cars that have a MUCH shorter life span. Like 2003 models with 108k miles on them. Cars that cost $3500-4500. His logic is this will leave us with a little cash left over instead of going in to debt right now. So for $500 cash now, we'll have an exponentially more used car? That doesn't make any sense! I've tried to be very firm that I absolutely do not want a car with more than 100k miles on it. I've tried to tell him to buy one of the 2004 models (all 3 of those are good choices). I'm not sure he will listen to me, though. So if any of you readers out there think you can influence him, please give him a call at home today and tell him to buy one of the 2004 models!

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