Friday, November 19, 2010

Rapt attention

Yesterday our little man did something cute - I KNOW BIG SURPRISE!! Hubby's bagpipes had been sitting all day where Quint could reach the mouthpiece. Several times he'd stop by there and try to blow or suck on the mouth piece. So when Hubby got home, and Quint was done with his snack, Quint went over to the bagpipes and patted them. Hubby asked, "do you want me to play those?" Big grin and giggle. So Hubby picks them up and starts to fill the bag with air. Quint races around the coffee table and tries to scramble up into the recliner. He can't get up there yet, so I pick him up and set him in the chair as if he were an adult. The whole time Hubby played his bagpipes, Quint sat perfectly still, little hands folded, with a grin on his face. The video camera was upstairs or I would have gotten some video of that.

Yesterday at Priscilla's, Quint had a run away nose that Priscilla said was yellow. I never did see a yellow nose run yesterday, but I got to spend the day with my baby and get some things done around the house. When he napped yesterday, I napped and slept like the dead. One other time while he was awake, I had the darndest time keeping my eyes open. I asked my sister later, "do you think that's just depression making me want to sleep so much?" She said, "that sounds more like pregnancy fatigue." Oh yeah! I AM pregnant! That would explain it.

My miracle nausea drug worked in 12 minutes recently. TWELVE MINUTES. And that's from dangling off the bed, drinking soda through a straw, trying to hold very, very still all the way to getting in the shower. That stuff is great!!

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