Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Please pray for us

Things keep going wrong around here and we would greatly appreciate everyone's prayers for our continued safety, health, and the health of our cars. Both cars were in the shop this weekend and now yesterday, my car is trembling and the service engine soon light has come on. Which is going to cost us money. Again. The bad things happening to us are small, but they're frustratingly regular.

Let's list some good news:
My trembling car did get me to court this morning, which went well.
I only have 4 more tax classes before I'm done with the course!
My son is happy (for the most part), healthy, and usually a cuddly joy.
My morning sickness is getting less and less.
My husband is a great partner when lots of unpleasant things happen and usually just jumps right on fixing them.
My husband sees it as his job to help me keep my chin up.
My husband spent the morning doing particularly annoying laundry (fluffing and hanging) and was about to vacuum the house when I last talked to him.
My husband must have picked up the sea of baby toys in the fireplace room for that to be feasible.
Hiring discussions for H&R Block will start on Wednesday.
My boss and replacement are in an all day training thing today along with most of my department.
Our second car gets out of the shop today.
We get to hear the baby's heartbeat tomorrow!

OK, so that's a good list!!

1 comment:

  1. That's a GREAT list! It even made me feel better!

    You are all in our prayers. Things will eventually get better.