Thursday, December 2, 2010

14 weeks pregnant - HEARTBEAT

We got to hear the heartbeat at the doctor's office yesterday! I had given the nurse a quick list of all the crap we've been through lately so she was glad to give us something nice and happy. Once she found it, we just hung out for a while and listened to that little heart bang away. It was good to have something positive to smile about.

We've got the ultrasound date set for January 28th to find out the sex. That seems like a really long time from now!!

Right now, my little baby is the size of half a banana! Maybe I'll start to feel the baby move soon! Last time, that happened at a really loud Steven Curtis Chapman concert. I'm sure Quint could feel the loud sounds. And me jumping up and down and such....

We'll see when I can feel something this time!

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