Wednesday, December 8, 2010

15 weeks pregnant (tomorrow)

The big news this morning is that I'm feeling definite fluttery movements from the baby! Apparently, she's bored this morning and wanting one of us to move around. Odd that I keep thinking of it as a her.

In other news, Quint can now go both up and DOWN the stairs safely by himself.

Tonight is the final in my H&R Block tax course, so wish me luck and therefore a job!

This is my last week at my job and I'm looking forward to afternoon naps and house cleaning next week. I really am looking forward to the house cleaning! While taking this class, the household chores have fallen off the list of important things. We still do laundry, buy groceries and vacuum, but there's a whole lot of neatening that needs to happen. There are a lot of toy parts in the wrong rooms. And a lot of stuff that needs to go into storage in the garage while waiting for baby #2.

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