Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The way things are supposed to be...

We firmly believe that God is looking out for us and that all our weird events have happened for a reason. That is NOT to say that we will ever know or understand the reason behind some of those things. But lately, I think I figured out one small thing.

The weekend of Quint's birthday party, Hubby was supposed to take a whirlwind road trip to his mother's town for a family reunion. He was to leave at like 4am Sunday morning and be back Monday night. But at 4am, after having gotten up, showered and dressed, he woke me up. He said he had this huge sense of foreboding. You may remember that I blogged about his Sept foreboding. As a result, he didn't go. Hubby has a very reliable gut.

Recently, I put it together that it was that particular Monday night that we got pregnant with our second baby. Now maaaaaybe we still would have gotten pregnant that night, but as my friend Suzette pointed out, after all that driving, "events" weren't very likely to happen.

So God wanted us pregnant right now and specifically that day. Makes me wonder what's in store for this little baby of ours!

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