Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cute things Quint has done lately

When the phone rings, he distinctly says "Got It!" which is, of course what we say when the phone rings as we move towards a phone.

I caught him doing pretend play at nearly 16 months. He took a regular water bottle, mimicked pouring it into his sippy cup, and then drank out of the sippy cup. I asked him what he was doing and I really think he said "drinking".

This morning while I was cleaning upstairs, he gathered all the half used water bottles in the bedrooms, stacked them up on his little table with his two sippy cups and was obviously enjoying the collection. He was patting them on top and looking satisfied. Ten minutes later they were scattered to the four winds, but still...

While I was uploading videos to YouTube tonight (coming soon to this blog!) I found several where someone was making Quint laugh and laugh and laugh. I put Quint on my lap and played a whole bunch of them. He laughed at all the same jokes again and again. Very fun for me and him both! And he got to see Aunt D, too!

Then as I kept finding younger and younger laughing videos I started talking to him about the new baby. He got quiet but continued watching and didn't squirm to get down. I bet we watched video of him for 45 minutes!

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