Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Words Each Day

Our little Quint is adding words by the day! Given, of course, if we can figure out what the schmo he's trying to talk about. The other day, when I thought he kept pointing at everything and saying "kitty cat", it finally dawned on me that he was saying "get that". Things made a lot more sense after I figured THAT out.

He's very polite and frequently asks if he can do something. He starts to climb the un-baby-gated stairs and says "can I?" I say no and he doesn't climb any farther. He may be disappointed or pitch a fit, but he doesn't climb any further. His recent fits have mostly been when I can't understand what he's saying even though it is SOOOOO CLEAR TO HIM!!!!

He was throwing balls the other day and would say, "readyyyyyy, GO!" on wind-up and pitch. He correctly labeled a cow the other day when reading the book This is the Stable and then found the same cow on each page thereafter. He LOVES that book, by the way, and we read it at least twice a day, if not 6 times a day. I've nearly got it memorized, which is not unpleasant because all the rhymes are so nice.

His love of kitties continues. He thinks of our cat Callie as our second child and I have to keep reminding him that she's an adult. Because she's an adult, she can go outside by herself whenever she likes, she can go upstairs by herself, etc. It's really sweet when he offers her a cheezit or his sippy cup to drink from. He's gotten to where he seldom hurts her with love or pulls her tail. We still watch Aristocrats nearly every morning for a few minutes.

Come to think of it, we didn't get stuck on Aristocrats until after I hid Mary Poppins for 5 days straight. Mary now makes guest appearances when I really need a nap or am at my wit's end. And he's always glad to see her. And it seems that he only really likes a movie after he's seen it 5 or 10 times. So perhaps a hiding of Aristocrats is in order. At least for a day or two until we can increase our viewing options a bit. And we've got such a lovely collection of classic VHS tapes with tons of songs in them, like 101 dalmations, Robin hood, Jungle Book, etc. And he loves all the VeggieTales.

And since we're stuck on only reading the same book each night before bed, maybe, when I get sick of that one book, I'll have to hide it for a while in order for him to read any other book. But it's such a nice book with beautiful pictures, lovely rhymes, and a great version of the Christmas Story without any hint of commercialism. I'm sure it will get old eventually, though. I did go to Goodwill today and buy him 10 new books today. It was their 50% off day so they only cost $5. You can't beat that!

A friend asked me today what was going on in my life that was exciting. I had no answer. I should have an answer, shouldn't I? They've let me do some tax returns at work, virtually by myself which has been exciting - in that awake at 2am wondering if she really qualified for the EIC or not, kind of way. (She did.) I've had to remind myself that EVERY time I start a new job, I have stress dreams the first couple of weeks. You know, the kind where you can't find your keyboard or rolly chair. This too shall pass...

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