Monday, January 10, 2011

first snow

First snow for Quint! Well, first snow he could do anything about. We walked around out front for a bit and he fell several times. He never could get up by himself which reminded me of the Christmas story little brother who couldn't get up in the snow.

I bent down and scooped up a fingerful of snow and ate it. He looked at me like I had just eaten pure snot or something! How gross mom! I offered him some but he was not to be fooled into eating something so vile!!

He was not impressed by "sledding" in a laundry basket.

In the backyard, for the first time ever, the stairs were unappealing because they were covered with that icky white stuff. I made us a few snowballs , very hard with such dry snow. I just threw them to make skid marks in the pristine snow. He tried to make one and at that point realized that he was covered in very cold snow! I think it was the cold more than anything else but he was DONE!!!!
By the time I got him hauled around to the front door, he was seriously ticked off!! We stomped our feet and went inside. I had wisely put him in a complete top layer of fleece jumpsuit which could be stripped off at once. Coat off, shoes off, fleece off. He was crying so hard that we had to cuddle on the couch for 10 minutes before he stopped those silent, tearless sobs. Pitiful!

We might try again later today, but only if he suggests it. Very amusing for me!

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